Cutting Edge: Week Eight

The Work This Week

The bulk of our Week Eight consisted of our prep for our Halves Presentation, which can be viewed here:

Feedback on our progress is that:


  • We had multiple live demos to help share the experience
  • We took to heart the lesson that context is crucial
  • We seem to have a path to share our work after the semester
  • We are using playtesting to effectively determine what’s working
  • We are putting up on the Unity Asset Store.


  • We need to clarify the POV of our character
  • We could more clearly identify the lessons we’re learning on the difference of cuts in VR from film.
  • We could explore reversible transitions

Going Forward

We will be working with our current narrative (seen in Week Seven) to explore a handful of new transitions and begin tying our current transitions together in our story. Also going forward, sound will become imperative, both in score to set the mood and in effects to provide spatial cues for the guests in VR.