Cutting Edge: Week Nine

The Work This Week


Over the course of this week, and spring break (in between this week and Week Eight), three team members visited conferences and found time to discuss our project work during them. Of most note, at South by South West, Liam spoke with Jessica Brillhart about our editing techniques, and we will be contacting her in the upcoming weeks for feedback.

Art Asset Progress:

In Pittsburgh, our teammates continued work on our pipeline, mainly on our art assets. At this point, we’re not worrying about polish so much as just making assets to go into our scenelist. This will be continuing for the next several weeks.

Here are some examples of our art assets being made this week:

First, the hands that our player will have:

Secondly, the preliminary design of the car that will be featured in the game:

Next Week

Next week is a production week. With the team back together following GDC, we will continue development towards our next deadline, which is Playtest Day at the end of Week 11.