Cutting Edge: Week Ten

The Work This Week

Pipeline Breakdown:

Work continued on our pipeline. As it stands now, the work that needs to be done, mechanically, artistically, and compositionally, is as follows:

The goal now is to check-in on our progress with our art assets at the beginning of next week, and, depending on our progress, we’re debating cutting down our scenelist (although this is our Plan B).

Art Asset Progress:

Some example assets that are being worked on currently:

The kitchen and living room that will be used when our main character is interacting with the woman, and subsequent scenes where they’re eating food together.

The bedroom that our main character will be leaving early in his childhood:

Smaller assets (in this case a window and a stove) that will be going in the kitchen for the sake of verisimilitude:

Next Week

Next week, we have our Playtest Day deadline during which we are targeting around five scenes to be completed to be able to showcase to guests.