This week our major goal was to finish all the work we have in our schedule.

The major updates for the week will be:

-We will finish the Bird’s Eye View, Teleportation points, Color coded view, Screenshot option for the user

Below are the picyures of the Bird Eye View and the Teleportation points in our project

-We also did a couple of iterations with the UI and selected one design for our final UI design

-We also came up with our final color sheet

Below is the wireframe we came up with the finalĀ  UI Design:



The major events this week were:

-Final schedule of the project

-Playtesting session

Final Project Schedule:

After halves, we got our feedback from our instructors and the process grades. Depending on the feedback we came up with the final schedule for Programming, Art and UI/UX.

Our plan is to finish all the functionality except for the changes in terms of pedestrians and traffic.

For the programming,

We will be finishing all the feautures and functionality before the softs opening.

For the UI/UX, our plan is to finish everything by week 11

For the Art, we will finish all the low poly models (85 buildings) by thanksgiving and focus on the landmark after thanksgiving break.

Playtesting session:

We conducted a playtesting sessionĀ  with the help of our faculty Mike. We had invited many people in our target demographic and created a survey and feedback questionnaire for them to answer.

Below are the few pictures from our playtesting session:

Playtesting Session feedback:

The major feedback we got was for our UI Design. Though most of them appreciated what we have for our interface, they gave some useful suggestions on how we could better our interface functionality.

Here is the list of changes we will implement for our final UI:

-We will be adding a back button which take sthe user to the main menu directly

-We will decrease the number of sub menus

-We will be adding levels in the building usage type (for an example, for a commercial building, we will have High commercial (grocery), medium commercial (restaurant), low commercial (spa)