This week we had two major events:

-Meeting and play testing with the MUD (Master of Urban Designing) students

-Faculty playtesting

MUD students play testing session:

We had 12 MUD students from RCI, CMU visit our project room. They had a lot of input on our product and gave us some valuable information.

They spoke about how they see this product being extremely useful for urban designers.

How we could improve the product for better and what details do the urban designers look for in the site of work in general.

Things in our product they see as very useful components:

-Shadows transitioning depending on the time and height of the buildings

-Buildings size variation

-Reaction of the environment when they make a change to the building

The things that they feel can be added to the product which are very useful for the urban designers:

-Ability for the users to control the minute details in the environment like the trash cans, mail box.

-Placement of objects in the environment

-Positioning of the sidewalks and curbs

In conclusion, they said that the product would be a great tool for urban designers once developed more.

ETC Faculty Playtesting:

We wanted to play test with our faculty members before the softs. So our schedule was to finish play testing in week 12, use week 13 to make the changes and be ready for softs by week 14.

Feedback from the faculty:

Though positive, there were minute things on which we were asked to concentrate on. There were some small bugs in the product which we noted down to work on.

Some of the feedback were:

-sounds should be improved in the environment

-UI design feels like left hand dominated

-The UI is confusing when there is transition between both the hands

We spent the week very productively and we wanted to work on the feedback during the thanksgiving week.