Week 14: Soft Presentations, Remote Edition!

This week, we had our Softs Presentation with Pittsburgh Faculty and we continued to iterate on our presentation based off of both the feedback we received from our presentation, as well as from our client meeting last week. Many thanks to Mike, Scott, and John for taking the time to meet with us on Monday…
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Week 13: Gearing up for Softs!

In advance of our Softs meeting with Pittsburgh faculty next Monday, we’ve been busy iterating on our pitch presentation and our gameplay demo in order to put us in the best possible position. We met with Pittsburgh Faculty on Thursday to brief them about the current state of the project in advance of Softs, and…
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Week 12: Polishing our aesthetics and fleshing out our level design

Once again, this week we’ve continued to iterate on our pitch presentation, with a focus on nailing down specifics on some of the level design and improve some of our game (and presentation’s) overall aesthetics. Additionally, we created some simple “programmer art” mockups so that we could show a visual of how some of our…
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Week 11: More pitch presentation refinement!

.This week we’ve made more headway in refining the very rough version of our pitch presentation we debuted last Friday, taking our client’s feedback into account as we continue to flesh out our art, game design, and gameplay demo. The Work This Week Art Updates, Specifying Tasks in The Heart, and Creating a Name for…
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Week 10: Beginning work on our pitch deck

We are still a bit in shock after receiving the amazing opportunity to pitch our game concept to Stadia, but we haven’t let our shock and excitement get in the way of making some initial headway into our pitch deck! This week, we focused on creating concept art of the game, as well as designing…
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Week 9: Adjusting to Remote Work and an Amazing Opportunity for Project Ditto

Due to the current crisis, teams both here at ETC-SV and back at Pittsburgh have had to transition fully into remote work this week, which has necessitated a lot of internal adjustment on our part here at Team Ditto. As such, we spent most of the week trying to figure out and setup our remote…
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Week 8: Halves!

Not much to report this week development-wise, as this week was our Halves presentations! You can see our presentation below:

Week 7: Testing our prototypes and preparing for Halves

We’ve been very busy this week preparing for Halves next week, and so most of the work this weeks has been solely on that front alone. That being said, we did try to do a little bit more playtesting of our Treehouse and Virus vs. Cells prototype at the beginning of the week, just so…
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Week 6: Finishing up our 2nd round of brainstorming and further prototype iteration

Week 6 has been a pretty busy time for Project Ditto, especially since this has been the first week this semester that we’ve actually had a full week to work! This week, we’ve been focused on iterating on the digital prototype of the Virus vs. Cells we created last week, as well as beginning development…
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Week 5: Brainstorming Round 2 and creating a digital prototype for Virus vs. Cells

This week, we’ve been focused on beginning to develop our digital prototype of the Virus vs. Cells concept, as well as determining which of the other paper prototypes we can move forward/build upon. The Work This Week Virus vs. Cells Prototype Wenyu and Tracy began formal development of our Virus vs. Cells digital prototype this…
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