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Tackling Toxicity with Play

Week 4 – Solidifying Ideas & Getting Feedback

Before we really get into it, let’s highlight that we took and edited our team photo this week. As you can see, we are all about the reduction in cyber-bull attacks. Paper Prototype Now for the meat and potatoes. We made a paper prototype to try to crystallize our learnings and exploratory goals into a…
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Week 3 – Redoubling Research

Promotional Materials Logo Behold! We developed our logo this week – pictured here in full HD. Shirley Yee and Ricardo Washington gave feedback on our designs early in the week which we used to iterate towards the final design. The blue web is representative of the internet whereas the silhouette with gradient symbolizes differences between…
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Week 2 – Gathering Info.

Information & Inspiration We continued our research on cyberbullying and toxicity from last week into this week. We noted down a handful of shows, movies, and games that we felt were relevant. Some because they had themes like anonymity or positive communication, and others, like Pandemic, because we thought they might serve as interesting mechanics…
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Week 1 – Meet & Greet

Hello everyone! We’re DTOX – the Spring 2020 Games for Change project at CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center. We are creating a transformational experience that will explore online toxicity along with its potential solutions to foster positive online communities. We hope to showcase our work this July at the Games for Change Festival in New York.…
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