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Tackling Toxicity with Play

  • DTOX Semester Post-Mortem
    I. Overview DTOX is a semester-long project at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center in collaboration with Games for Change (G4C hereafter). The team includes: Jamie Cui – Programmer / Artist Derrick Pemberton Jr. – Designer / Co-Producer / Writer Parker Ramsey – Co-Producer / Programmer Stefani Taskas – Programmer Sherry Zhang – Designer / Programmer…
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  • Week 15 – Loose Ends
    This week was mostly about sharpening up any bits of the project that we still felt needed it. To ensure we were leaving the experience in a good place, we ran two tests this week, as opposed to the usual one. Stress Test The first test was explicitly a stress test. We determined that getting…
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  • Week 14 – Soft Opening
    Soft Opening was this week. Softs is a time for faculty to come and experience the project in a “more or less” finished state. They can provide their thoughts on the experience as it is, allowing us another couple weeks to tighten some screws before the project is actually final. Because of Covid, we had…
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  • Week 13 – Playtests Paying Off
    We’ve made a good number of updates to our experience since the last playtest and it is really starting to take shape. I’ll go through the updates we made for this week’s playtest on Wednesday, and the updates we’ve got planned before next week’s Soft Opening on Monday. Pretty Effects We’ve added some effects happen…
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  • Week 12 – Playtest Day
    Playtest Day This week’s playtest happened to be Playtest Day. That means that we had an increased faculty count at the playtest and got more focused feedback. We ran into myriad problems this playtest, but the feedback was quite helpful. For starters, voting and upgrades are still giving us trouble. That being said, we got…
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