Welcome to Faceless


Project Faceless is a game made by a student team from Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center.  This Fall 2015, we are working with the Electronic Arts Office of Chief Creative Officer (OCCO) to develop a hidden object game for the Xfinity Games connected TV platform.  Our team has re-imagined hidden object games in which players must find objects in videos instead of in a static image scene.  We have combined film and hidden objects to make a single-player and multi-player video-based hidden object game.  Each player uses their own mobile device as a controller and all the action happens on the TV.  The simple gameplay mechanics make this a game that anyone ca pick up and immediately start playing.  This game experience is one that is great fun and brings the whole family together!

The Team

Timothy Staton-Davis
Game Designer/Co-Producer
Jake Ahn
Game Designer/Co-Producer
See (Sam) Shuen Leong
Lead Programmer
Zongye (Chiu) Yang
Tsung (Jack) Yu Tsai

Dev Update #14 – Softs A.K.A. Demo Day

Such a massively busy week for Faceless!  We've made many various improvements and fixes to the game this week with the goal of demoing the whole game experience.  Demo Day was on Wednesday so everything we were doing was in preparation for that.  Bing, our artist, got the team new art for the in-game menus which brought everything together.  Getting the phone to menu navigation working properly was a bit difficult though.  Currently, players must swipe to browse videos and transition between menu options.  There's a whole UX flow to it that were not particularly great at determining but we're modeling off of other mobile apps.  We also added a combo system to the game so players can get massive combos for extra points during gameplay.  We got the effects to look really good, at least we think they look great ha.   For the demo, we chose 5 of our favorite videos and used the 2-object panel version of the game.

During the day, we had two big TV's set-up for people to player our game.  We picked up as many mobile devices as we could so we could potentially have 4-player gameplay on each TV too.  We also brought candy for the winners of the rounds, an extra incentive.  The demo was busy and a lot of fun for us.  Many EA employees came play and we received a lot of positivity from them. Some people really enjoyed the game while others had some fun but it was obvious it wasn't for them.  Either way, we realized that multiplayer was fun and many people said they could see themselves playing the game with their family.  🙂  

We're really happy with how well things turned out.  We still have some more work to do with polishing the experience, adding a level unlock system, improving the menu UX, deciding on the 3-panel or 2-panel version for the final game, and doing our promotional videos.  We began working on our promotional video on Friday and have to finish it by Monday.  This will be our first video showing the new gameplay!

1...more...week of dev left.

-Faceless Prod.