Week 10: 3 Parts, Many Playtests

To recap from past weeks, Project Fanfare now consists of three distinct parts:

  1. Prediction Game
  2. Set Collection Game
  3. Treasure Hunt

Going into Week 10, each of these three elements was in a different phase of development.

  1. Prediction Game – Version 1 had already been playtested, and the team had identified changes that needed to be made to it before the next playtest, but those changes had not yet been implemented.
  2. Set Collection Game – Some features had been implemented, but some that were necessary for the MVP (minimum viable product) had not yet been implemented, so the game had not yet been playtested.
  3. Treasure Hunt – Version 1 had been playtested (in the RPIS), and changes had been identified and implemented. Version 2 was almost ready to playtest, but we wanted to do it in a way that mimicked the minor-league baseball atmosphere better than the RPIS playtest.

At the end of Week 10, we wanted to playtest all three elements of the project, so work for the week focused mainly on whatever we needed to do for the next playtest. That meant:

  1. Prediction Game – Implementing changes discussed after Version 1 playtest.
  2. Set Collection Game – Finishing MVP.
  3. Treasure Hunt – Polishing Version 2 and setting up a more realistic playtest.

As far as these goals are concerned, we were pretty successful. On Friday, we tested the Treasure Hunt (Version 2)┬áin an outdoor play area the size of a baseball field’s sideline, and had the audience looking down onto the play area from a parking garage – mirroring the way fans at sporting events look down at the players from the stands.

On Saturday, we were able to not only test the Prediction Game (Version 2) and Set Collection Game (MVP) with multiple groups, we were also able to re-test the Treasure Hunt (Version 2) with the same methods we used the day before.

This week, we’ll implement changes to all three elements of the project, based upon the feedback that we got from Friday’s and Saturday’s playtests.