Week 12: Tweaks

Softs is coming up on April 24, so we’re mostly feature-complete on the app at this point. That means that the main priority for this week was bug fixing, bug fixing, and more bug fixing. By Softs, we should have a stable build that we can present to faculty as something that could be our final product – and the couple weeks after Softs should just consist of making little changes based on Softs feedback.

Before that, we pretty much only have two more features to implement:

  1. A button that shows the relative payout of each bet on the prediction screen.
  2. Convert the current treasure hunt game into a connect-the-dots game which includes two major changes:
    1. Each side of the baseball field will consist of one section, making a total of two audience sections (rather than four)
    2. Each runner on the field will have to place three flags (rather than one)

Changing the treasure hunt to a connect-the-dots game will help audience members understand whether they are doing a good job while playing, by comparing the shape taking form on their device to the shape taking form on the field. Additionally, having the runner place three markers instead of one will allow audience members to get better at directing their runner over the course of the event.