Blog - Week 15 - Final Blog

This is our final week before presentations! It has been a wild semester, but we all learned a ton and we are very proud of the work we have created. […]

Blog - Week 14

We did it! We finished Lovers Meet! This Monday was softs where we premiered Lovers Meet with great reviews and feedback! We were all pleasantly surprised with the positive feedback […]

Blog - Week 13

Being our final week before softs, this week, we will finish Lovers Meet! We all crunched on finishing our last few shots of animation, editing the live action, implementing the […]

Blog - Week 12

This week Team FITYMI hunkered down on scene 4, the transition and shot the live action portion of the film! Emily completed scene 4 shot 1, 10 and rendered the […]


This week, Team FIYMI cranked out the entirety of scenes 2 and 3 while also blocking out scene 4! As you can see from above, we got help from Michael […]


Reunited, this week Team FITYMI gave our Halves presentation where we filled in the entire ETC about our progress, goals and plans for the future! With the entire team regrouping […]


This is going to be a bit of a light blog post as 4 out of our 5 Team FITYMI members were in San Francisco for the Game Developer’s Conference […]

Scene 2 Lighting

As the final week before Spring Break and GDC, this week was filled with preparations for halves presentations. Also, after some discussion, decided to restructure our schedule to make sure […]

This was a very productive week for Team FITYMI as our technical artists began cranking away at getting Scene 2 ready to render! Luo spent the majority of the week […]

Blog - Week 6

This week, Team FITYMI began our final blocking and lighting test passes. With these complete, we will begin the final passes for animation, lighting and move into rendering. Luo spent […]