Previsualization and the process of story revision have the potential to be a billion-dollar industry. Currently, the film and digital media industry suffer from labor-intensive processes to refine scripts, storyboards and story reels before a project finally reaches production. Even then, many productions are subject to extensive and costly rewrites. 

For this discovery project, a team from Entertainment Technology Center(ETC) at Carnegie Mellon University will be challenged to build a creative and technical pipeline which, by the end of the semester, would facilitate a different team to go from script to screen. This pipeline will be built using a combination of off-the-shelf and custom tools to create new paradigms for previsualization. The goal of these tools will be to facilitate the story revision process rather than creating high-quality footage. The pipeline should be able to support a variety of scripts from a variety of genres. Additionally, the ability to visualize an unknown script will be the ultimate test to this challenge. While the scope of this project is potentially large, the project team will be tasked with designing a system that remains within the scope of a single semester.

The team consists of Xinran Zhan, Varun Mehra, Kevin Liu, Angela Chen and Arnav Banerji.