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We are Front Seat. We are a group of graduate students at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University developing an experience for virtual reality chairs in collaboration with Sky Limit Entertainment.

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Our Partners

We cannot do it alone. Thanks to our partners’ guidance and expertise, we will be able to push our ideas further than we ever thought possible.

Entertainment Technology Center

The Entertainment Technology Center is the premiere professional graduate program for interactive entertainment as it’s applied across a variety of fields.

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Sky Limit Entertainment

Sky Limit Entertainment is a technology and culture company based in Beijing that integrates content development, IP operations and digital real-scene entertainment.

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To take advantage of the medium, we want to focus our design on increasing interaction in both virtual and physical space.


To emphasize the special capabilities of our platform, we want to discover what it does well and then craft an experience around that.


To create a more meaningful experience, we want to give people a chance to play with their friends and family.


Week 11

If this semester were a movie, this week would have been the “epic transformation” montage where the protagonists are coached through new experiences by guides and mentors, travel far and[…]

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Week 10

One of the hardest things about projects is finding meaningful milestones throughout the “open weeks” of the semester. There are multiple three week stretches without a real deliverable or due[…]

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Week 9

We have an answer. Thanks to a late night conference call with our team and the team from Sky Limit, we now know what we are going to spend the[…]

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Dong Hyun (Shawn) Kang

3D Artist

His passion is in environment art for game and film. He fell in love with environment art during his undergraduate years in Indiana University Bloomington. While he was participating in the 3D short animation film project as a Lead Environment Artist, he fell in love with fact that he can tell many great stories with environments. After then, he decided to pursue the career of 3D Environment Artist.

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Zhiguo Lai

Game Designer

Zhiguo Lai is a new game programmer, 3 years game designer, and 20 years game player. I become a game designer of Netdragon Websoft Inc after my graduation from the optic in Sichuan University because I was inspired by the fantastic game World of Warcraft which I have played for 9 years. I want to design dreams for any other players just like WOW designers did. So I come here to chase my dream about becoming a better game designer for my player.

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Chance Lytle

Game Designer

Chance studied Computer Science and Engineering during undergrad, and hopes to combine his strong technical background with his passions in games as art, the design of play, and visual storytelling. His largest goal is to make games that push the boundaries of the medium and define themselves uniquely, separately, and best through play.

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Conor Triplett

Experience Engineer

Conor studied mechanical engineering at the University of Notre Dame, with concentrations in design, manufacturing, and psychology. He hopes to integrate all of those disciplines, as well as his love of story-telling, into creating meaningful and innovative experiences and attractions for people.

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Jue Wang

UI/UX Designer

Jue is a UI/UX designer with a focus on interactive experiences and emerging technologies. From creative problem solving to quick prototyping for VR/AR products, she is passionate about creating delightful experiences in collaboration with engineers and artists.

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