Week 2 – Raising a Giant

Week 2 continued our process of setting and gearing up with great results!

Looking to the future, information about measuring motion sickness and discomfort were gathered. Documents were made using Google Sheets and Forms to best track our testing results and compare the data later on in the semester. These will be “living documents”, as we understand that changes may have to be made as more prototypes are made.

Speaking of prototypes, our massive LSE is in the process of being whiteboxed. Climbing is currently implemented in Unreal for basic interactions with the environment, and the hookshot mechanic is underway. The designers have been bouncing ideas around all week about how best to convey our mechanics without intrusive text (or text of any kind for that matter) as well as how the LSE should look and ultimately function. We looked at the design of the LSE to work in tandem with our desired mechanics. As such, we landed a “Mountain Golem” aesthetic for our giant enemy. 

We chose this theme for a variety of reasons. First, it allows us to create a natural environment utilizing mountains without the LSE being a jarring presence. In this way, we can guide the player’s eyes upward in a smooth and natural way, as people are prone to look towards the tops of rocky peaks. Second, the use of other natural materials can provide the player with mechanical cues. As it stands, the player will be able to use the grappling hook to get from tree to tree. Having a creature made out of earth and stone with small trees protruding from it not only works on the aforementioned mechanical level, but also serves the tenet of this prototype to “ensure the sense of scale”. To further push the sense of awe and mystique, our LSE will have a natural look as well as an ancient and perhaps even man-made one. The age of the LSE coupled with the environment it has rested in for so long provides a little narrative flavor for the scene to become that much more believable. Our logo and visual materials will all reflect this “ancient and natural” motif as well. 

The fact that we are climbing on a crude LSE by Week 2 is amazing. Next week we plan to have a rough prototype with all the basic player mechanics and basic sound effects to accompany them. Then it’s really time to bring our LSE to life!