Week 13 – A Whole New World

A thought that came out during one of our meetings this week expressed that, “I feel like we got more done in the past two weeks than this whole half of the semester”. On the surface, that may appear true. Transitioning our workflow and habits due to Coronavirus did hinder some momentum, and working a new prototype meant that time was spent brainstorming and ideating instead of building for a short time.

In preparing for our Soft Opening, the Punching Prototype had a lot added, adjusted, and tested. While it is not perfect, ensuring that the core loop gets implemented quickly means we can get into the experience that sooner and start adding polish and shine.

So what got done this week?

We decided on the dash mechanic to use for this prototype. The Grab Dash (formerly known as the Gravity Glove Dash) was able to work on a handful of levels. We decided to make the dash points (the crystals) activate when the LSE is within range of them. By doing this, we are attempting to ensure that the player cannot dash all over the place and never feel the LSE’s danger and immediate threat. By having the dash points be driven by the LSE, the LSE dictates the pacing and urgency of the situation. The Grab Dash can also be used in a similar manner to our previous hookshot, allowing for interesting moments in movement on the LSE itself.

This crystals in the foreground are open and therefore dashable, while the closed ones far away are still inactive

Being able to defend yourself from the LSE’s flying minions (affectionately called Gravelwings) has also been implemented. These bird-like creatures provide a teaching moment via combat UI, as well as act as a constant adversary whether on the bridge or while climbing the LSE. Our hope is that the Gravelwings aid in the interest curve of the prototype.

Speaking of Gravelwings, here they are in all of their glory! The design reflects many of the LSE’s aspects (and will match even more when a new LSE is implemented)

A plethora of new sound effects were completed for this build as well. Variations on cries for the Gravelwings as they approach, a dash sound effect, the sound of the bridge being blown to bits by the might of the LSE’s punch, and more were all created and mastered to be put into the prototype.

This prototype will be divided into three distinct phases:

  1. The Bridge
    • Make your up the spiral bridge, avoid the LSE’s destructive attacks, and punch flying enemies.
  2. The Climb
    • Make your way up the LSE and absorb a source of its power while continuing to defend yourself from enemies.
  3. The Punch
    • With your gauntlets charged up, meet the LSE’s punch head-on and destroy it.

Our current build has the Bridge and the Climb implemented, but not perfected. While we still have some work to get everything in and tested, it is good to see how much progress can be done in such a short amount of time.