About Hindsight

Project Hindsight is an interactive, virtual reality live-action experience that aims to explore the consequences of unsafe driving practices via an engaging and emotional story. We aim to explore the effectiveness of delivering such a story and message in a virtual reality environment.

We believe that the nature of virtual reality itself is something that sets Project Hindsight apart from other people who have tried to tackle the issue of unsafe driving practices. There have been radio spots, billboard ads, digital films, newspaper campaigns…but the one thing that separates Project Hindsight is immersion. We are hoping to deliver an emotional story in the most immersive environment possible in order to affect change.

Our Team

Abhinav Sinha


FuYen Hsiao

UI/UX Designer

Jacob Rosenbloom


Justin Campbell


Kuk Kim

VFX Artist

Sunil Nayak

Programmer / Sound Designer