Home Front: Week Fifteen

And on week fifteen, we were finished.

Having finalized our design after Softs feedback, our design work work came to an end.

With that in mind, our final work is not quite done yet.

Our next major deadline is Final Presentations, our last opportunity to show our work to faculty and fellow students. After that, we’ll need to finalize our documentation for our client. We’re handing over both formal design documentation about our process, as well as informal notes over what we found trying to translate their framework in to the tabletop space.

And next Friday, for our last deadline, we’ll have final faculty play-throughs, to prove what we have documented and what we have presented over is what we have actually delivered.

But, until then, we can rest easy knowing we’ve done our job well, and done it thoroughly. It’s been a long semester, but we’ve done good work.