This week is definitely a cold one!

We have got two days that CMU canceled all the classes in Pittsburgh. For the whole week, we mostly have been focusing on the prototyping. Erhan is working on a rhythm game with the TAP input on mobile devices and Yutian is also helping with that. Yutian has also created some adaptive BGM and other sound assets based on the music prototype and hopefully, we could see them going into the demo before our quarter walkaround. Chang and Ruoxi are working on a voice feedback input demo. Jiajun is working on how to use the TAP and the touch screen together. I myself is working on how to use the TAP as the input device for Chinese Wubi input method. Other ideas are to be documented.

We have been looking through the showcases on the official website of the TAP and we have got a list of what has been done and what hasn’t been done before. A lot of interesting ideas have been tried out before but of course, there is even more space for us to explore. And for some ideas mentioned on the website, like the children gaming and utilities for the disabled, there are not really demos for them, which I believe we still can explore a lot.

The logo and the poster draft have also been settled this week. We got some very useful feedback from Shirley, Ricardo, and Brenda and Ruoxi did several iterations for the logo and the posters. The final version of the logo is up and has been sent to MaryCatherine. The final version of the poster will be decided next week. But the basic layout of the poster has been decided and only some small changes need to be made. The project website is also up and running. Chang has got all the required modules although we still need some changes to the logo and the pictures.

This week we also tried to reach out and connect a little bit. First thing is that we tried to contact the science fiction club of CMU. The sad thing is that the club no longer exists. We also tried to get some input from Professor Stuart Candy and we haven’t got any reply yet. On Tuesday, we also had a client meeting with the R&D department of the company and we have got lots of useful information and the limitations of the device.

And one more important thing is that we have decided our team photo! After some careful discussions, we decided to go with the funny ones, and here it is. Big thanks to Erhan, Chang and the whole team for making this happen!