We are Team HyperPickle!

We are working with CMU CyLab to create a web game for picoCTF 2021, an online cybersecurity competition.

HyperPickle Team Photo


Our goal is priorly targeted at middle to high school students, with a goal of creating high engagement and encouaging contestants to try CTF challenges.

space Theme

Our game features the ability of traveling in the faraway Adruppy System, making friends with inhabitants while exploring the diverse universe.

Latest News

The Work This Week Softs Presentation This week, we had our Softs Presentation with the faculty and we continued to iterate on our game based on both the feedback we received from our presentation, as well as from the playtest feedback last week. Many thanks to […]
With Thanksgiving break coming this week, the team was busy wrapping up the development by Tuesday. Despite the absence of client meeting, the team still had the faculty meeting and carried out the planned playtest. The Work This Week Pico Challenge Playtest This week, with the […]
The Work This Week Meeting with Faculty Besides the regular faculty meeting with Ruth and Heather, the team had three extra playtest/feedback sessions with John, Shirley, and Ricardo, during which we received a good amount of feedback directly. The three faculty members liked the overall feeling […]


We are working remotely this semester, if you are interested in knowing more about our project, please contact: