Team Hypnos is creating an emotionally immersive 360 Oculus Film Experience

    Technology drives medium. We are exploring the process of creating emotionally immersive narrative in the Virtual Reality medium.  Working with 360 film, 3d modeling,  binaural sound, and head/hand tracking, we are producing a number of short film experiences that will bring the viewer into a story experience like never before. Like the pioneers of early film, Team Hypnos is exploring filmmaking techniques for a cutting edge medium.

    Exploring Oculus Filmmaking

    The purpose of our project is to explore the techniques for film making in 360. We endeavor to answer questions the best way to control visuals and create narrative when a viewer can look anywhere he or she wants. Our goal is to make several short experiences that answer these questions.

    Developing a Pipeline

    We are developing and documenting a pipeline for creating 360 VR films for future ETC students to use. By developing processes for shooting, stitching, and compositing, we want to facilitate creation in this medium for new generations


    Using our research and development over the semester, we have created Imago, a 10 minute Proof of Concept Short Film. Imago puts the viewer in the shoes of a severely disabled person. The story is explored through live film, dance, and experimental CG.

    We will be premiering Imago in the coming weeks, and distributing to various VR Systems