Week 1

8/31/20 – 9/1/20

Pre-production package

  1. Character design

2. Storyboard

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Roles and progress

  1. Ayushman Johr (AJ) works as: Camera man, Look development and lighting, Environment artist

For week 1:

  • Art Style Research
  • Research regarding shaders
  • Proxy environment models for GoldSpike (WIP)
  • Shader test in Cycles & Eeveez (WIP)

2. Chelsea works as: Environment artiest, cloth simulation artist

For week 1:

  • Art style research
  • Inky texture technique research
  • Proxy boat for GoldSpike
  • Inky material experiment with Arnold (WIP)
(Used a Chinese ink painting as background. This is just a temporary effect, need to experiment more with this shader.)

3. Keran works as: Co-producer, animator, rigger

For week 1:

  • Worked with Ruchii to have the trimmed placeholder background music into the animatic
  • Summarized meeting notes and updated team Trello
  • Finished VPN and Randon setting on personal computer
  • Emailed Steve about P4V directory and template website
  • Contacted previous animation team and asked their suggestions about pipeline

4. Rosy works as: Co-producer, Character modeler, concept artist

For week 1:

  • Mountain model for GoldSpike (WIP)
  • Production (scheduling meeting, working on team folder & documents, etc)
  • Research on shader & Art Style & plants, did moodboard with Chelsea
  • Concept art for gold spike

5. Ruchii works as: Rigger, animator, VX developer

For week 1:

Reaching out to Kristian for much needed sound design help.

6. Issac works as: VX developer, Camera man, Look development and lighting

For week 1:

  • Ink Style rendering research
    • A study of how Chinese ink painting features can be applied to 3D scenes and models in real-time rendering
    • Diffusion rendering of black ink paintings using new paper and ink models
    • GPU-based rendering and animation for Chinese painting cartoon
    • Ink Wash Painting Style Rendering With Physically-based Ink Dispersion Model
    • Real-time image-based chinese ink painting rendering
    • Real-Time Painting with an Expressive Virtual Chinese Brush
  • Try out algorithms (WIP) (May have some special requirements on meshes / normals / uvs to work correctly, trying to figure out the pipeline)

  • River effect


As a team, we decided our core hours, team name, roles and set up mood board as well as Trello board. Then we began to think about finding sound designers for help because we do not have a sound designer in our team. We started working on scheduling and reached our previous animation team for advice.