Week 2

During the weekend we finished our GoldSpike and animatic, and this week we began to pay more attention on story as well as composition.

First version animatic

High Mountain Flowing Water Animatic

Lessons learned from faculty meeting

  • Need to catch the elegant of simplicity
  • Need to understand the scale in the early stage
  • Need to think about composition. We need to control where the viewer will be looking at, and negative space is important. Our concept art has negative space but our scene does not have it
  • Add perspective into our scene. Think about foreground, midground, background
  • Should experiment more than just Unreal. Render fast is not a good reason for using it
  • Bird: think about whether we want it or not. Rigging is difficult and it will soft the sad emotion


1. AJ :

  • Working on the logo animation
  • Research on prop assets for the environment

2. Chelsea:

  • Ref research
  • One sentence story summary (Consulted a Chinese literature & poetry translator) : The zither master, who played music inspired by lofty mountains and flowing water, broke his strings after the mountain recluse who knew the tune of his heart passed away.
  • Name of the short film: Rhythm

3. Keran:

  • Updated meeting notes and websites’ blog pages
  • Researched on rigging
  • Designed the team logo
Version 1 and references
Version 2 and references
Selected version
  • Contacted previous animation team and asked about suggestions on scheduling

4. Rosy:

  • Designed and Updated website front page
  • Poster sketch
  • Contacted with sound designer, cinematography expert, arrange story meeting. Contacting faculties & it. 
  • Settling down the final artstyle


5. Ruchii:

  • Volumetric Fog References: https://www.pinterest.com/ruchisanjayh/volumetric-fog-references/
  • Experimented with fog controls in unreal and created local volumetric fog
  • Looking for ways to improve performance of the fog

6. Isaac:

  • Improved outline shader, now it will show contours in the interior part
  • Researched on ink wash rendering based on ink dispersion
  • Researched on river interaction with objects
  • Helped with the poster