Week 5

This week we were building a 3D animatic based on our improved storyboard, and we started prepare for 1/2 presentation which is in next week.

Our latest animatic:

Lessons learned from faculty meeting

  • Let faculty know our thought process instead of surprise them in 1/2
  • Don’t wait until the rig is perfect to give it to the animator
  • Document thinking and reasons for each decision
  • Too much information in one scene, make environment less detailed


  1. AJ:
  • Shot layout in UE4
  • Created first draft of the animatic from Shot009-017

2. Chelsea:

  • Ink painting technique research & study (procreate)
  • Zither texture (Procreate & Substance Painter)
  • Boat (sampan) in chinese ink painting art style research & study
  • Boat model stylization & texture (Procreate & Substance Painter)

3. Keran:

  • Rigged Ziqi’s body and did blocking animation for shot 9, 11, 12, 15
  • Figured out the pipeline of importing Maya rigged animation into Unreal
  • Started working on the ½ presentation slides (pipeline part)
  • Started Ziqi’s facial rig with Maya blendshape 

4. Rosy:

  • Change Boya & Ziqi’s model according to Mo’s feedbacks, fix model, uv unwrap
  • Help AJ and Isaac with the shots

5. Ruchii:


  • Rigged Boya , still WIP 
  • Early Pose Study with Zither for animation 

6. Isaac:

  • Tool for converting static mesh actors to ink actors
  • Worked on shot list with AJ.
  • Improved water appearance