Week 8

This week we had our halves presentation, which we present our project to faculty and students who did not know a lot about our progress, and we got valuable feedback from them.

Then based on their feedback, we began to think more about storytelling as well as schedule.

Our animation budget sheet

Lessons learned from faculty meeting

  1. think about finding a narrator
  2. think about improving story by adding 3 shots
  3. the eyes and the nose and the beard felt really weird to people
  4. we’re still relying on the text
  5. time jump – Color palette change: think about how to do that through transition


  1. AJ:

2. Chelsea:

3. Keran:

  • Worked with team to figure out new animation for ziqi
  • Kept working on preproduction package
  • ½ presentation
  • Updated website

4. Rosy:

5. Ruchii:

  • Met with Ricardo regarding the blendshapes
  • Worked on creating different expressions for Boya.
  • Working on fixing facial animation based on faculty feedback
  • Testing Boya new nose in 3D.

6. Isaac: