Week 15

This week we were keeping polishing our animation, adding cloth simulation and rendering out our updated animated shot. Since we decide to change to Mandarin voiceover in the beginning introduction part , we arranged a sound meeting with our sound […]

Week 14

This week we worked on our trailer together: We are still working on refining it. Meanwhile, we are working on final render for soft. Here’s a short teaser: We are excited that the pipeline is working. Everything come together in […]

Week 12

This week we continued working on characters, shots, animations, and simulations. Rosy worked on the character texture and variations base on the season changes. AJ then worked on the winter palette: Ruchi, on the other hand, worked on Boya’s walking […]

Week 11

We drafted a rough schedule this week: Isaac and Chelsea worked together on the boat: Also, We worked on the imagination scene according to John’s version: Some feedbacks shot by shot from John:

Week 10

It’s week 10! This week we worked on refining the texture and model. Cloth simulation progress: Our simulation artist Chelsea worked on creating the cloth for different seasons. Rosy changed the Character’s nose: AJ and Rosy worked together with the […]

Week 8

This week we had our halves presentation, which we present our project to faculty and students who did not know a lot about our progress, and we got valuable feedback from them. Then based on their feedback, we began to […]

Week 7

This week we were working on finishing our 1/2 presentation slides and the 3D animatic. We also did some experiment on cloth simulation with Houdini and blendshape facial rig in Maya. Boya Blendshapes: Lessons learned from faculty meeting think about […]