Development Blog – Week 2

The second week of saw the Interactive Academy hitting the digital books. We were given a plethora of resources including state frameworks for digital literacy and reading comprehension as well as a sample curriculum that follows the “RICS” approach Valerie and Amanda are spearheading. We took a liking to RICS in particular (which stands for Read Imagine Create Share), especially after drawing the connections between this outline and its implementation within Inanimate Alice. 

While we poured over these details, we still had only vague concepts when it came to the deliverable itself. Therefore, we thought it would be prudent to brainstorm. With our faculty advisors accompanying us, we took five minutes of silence to put up digital post-it notes on a Jamboard and see what bubbled to the surface:

A commonality that appeared was a core concept previously discussed with Valerie and Amanda: teaching through action. Also known as kinesthetic learning, this approach is the most tactile and suits itself best to gamified education. In addition, when approached in a manner similar to Inanimate Alice, this methodology can pave the way for all sorts of projects and discussions after the work has been experienced. We also took the time to look at other games that influenced us in this manner and/or utilized some variant of this approach and created a list of them to use as jumping-off points. This list included Machineers, CodeSpells, Shenzhen I/O, The Incredible Machine, and more. With all of this in mind, we set off to develop a series of pitches that addressed these aforementioned goals.

When we presented the draft of these pitches to our faculty, we were met with a viewpoint we had not entirely considered. Specifically, we were not necessarily considering the longevity of our deliverable, since we were thinking of a gamified experience that would serve as more of an abstract framework for future experiences instead of a tool kit of sorts, which was what our advisors envisioned. Furthermore, our usage of the narrative thus far was not as strong as it could be. The team discussed these aspects at great length and decided to combine two of our pitches together. This fusion created a pitch that utilizes kinesthetic learning by teaching game development aspects through a game while wrapping the experience in a solid storyline that relates well to Inanimate Alice’s protagonist. We also took the initiative to contact our clients for some further clarification on their goals when it came to the matter of the deliverable.

So while few concrete decisions were made during Week 2, we are still moving in a great direction and with excellent drive.