Jam Session

Exploring Rhythm Game Design

How can we create innovative and engaging rhythm games?


Jam Session is a team at Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center focused on exploring rhythm games. 

By creating a set of innovative and engaging prototypes and documenting a summary of processes and reflections through playtesting data and postmortems, we’re working to answer that question. Our deliverables include documentation as well as one polished prototype (polished based on experience from our previously-designed games).

Video Game Platforms

Exploring rhythm games using various platforms such as PC, XR, touchscreens and alternative controls.


Creating various music styles and exploring how that may affect the game design

Documentation & Playtesting

Documentation of the iterative design process and and constant playtesting of our rapid prototypes.

The Team

Trace Dressen

Shimeng (Sherry) Fan

Shana Joseph

Kristian Tchetchko

Joey Yeo

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