Week 12

As we approach to the end of the semester, our production focus is as follows: 1) to continue to conduct playtest at the Kenner room to ensure our experience will resonate with those who have or will try it out. One of the main criteria that our client want this experience to achieve is to facilitate conversation around the idea of cultural awareness and competency. The conversation can be a standalone one that is included as part of the experience as a reflection phase or it can be a passive one that is conducted either through class discussion or group discussion at the Kenner room or outside of the room. Based on several feedback including one from a professor whose focus is on racial and societal bias, we will also be changing our questions sets to ensure the experience follows the interest curved created earlier on  (curious → comfortable → uncomfortable → realization)

Playtesting in a group setting
Playtesting individually

2) Polish the transition between scenes as well as provide visual and audio feedback. We have outsourced our audio soundtrack and effects to a talented classmates. Since our experience is on the heavier and more sensitive subject matter, we believe that a strong audio will further reinforce the message that we want our guests to take away upon trying out the experience.

3) One of the flexibility that our experience provides is the ability for our client to iterate the question set and the pool of people feature in the experience. Therefore, to achieve this, we are also developing a separate database management system that allows the ease of adapting changes.

4) The fourth thing that we need to focus on is showcasing the data after the guests have answered the questions about the others. Currently the data representation feels a bit clustered in the middle with repeated answers shown in one place (as seen below)

Data visualization

5) The last production that we are focusing is the takeaway message, we want to ensure that after the experience, the message will allow guests to reflect on their past experience and resonate with them when they step outside the Kenner room.