Week 15

This week was spent gearing up for the ETC Open House on Friday. We requested the use of the CAVE room on campus so that guests visiting could have an immersive experience that was more true to the setup of the Kenner room.
We are prioritizing work in the following areas:
Idle State -> Tech and Design need to meet to discuss the layout, content, and integration.
Transitions and Polish list -> Transitions between different texts and game states have been integrated this week. Prior to this, text appeared instantly between each different screen. Now, the beginning, reveal, and other state-specific texts faves or moves in. This lends itself to a smoother experience. Additionally, the team has integrated basic animations for when the on screen individual shares dialogue with the user, resulting in a more natural and organic experience.
The Capture portion of our deliverable is almost ready to roll. Ricardo has been working on this component of our deliverable. It is easy to use and has a straightforward GUI. The capture program allows our client to:
Capture volumetric scans of new individuals to feature within the experience
Record their stories and dialogue that are played within the experience
Survey and Record their answers to specific question sets
Create and change the active question set within the experience
Throughput, setup, and standardization of guests/flow in the physical space. The team will meet towards the end of the week to further discuss this.
Data Visualization: We will iterate and improve on an additional version of our Data Visualization to help ensure that the presented information is as clear as possible. This version will be more condensed and straightforward, with a non-diegetic interface element (a panel) being added to the scene to display information.
A final language and grammar check will be done before next week to ensure that there are no spelling and grammatical errors in that we have developed.

Next week we will present our product to the ETC faculty, and finalize the handoff to be ready for our client by Friday. It’s been an exceptionally fast semester and we’ve learned so much along the way.