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About SMALLab system:

SMALLab Learning


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Here is a fraps video we used for the half presentation, showing what we have done for the teaching tool. 



We use the Google doc as the customization input and let the teachers put anything they want to teach here, and the Google doc will export an XML file. All the teacher has to do is to drag and drop the XML file onto the game icon, and it will import all the content and start the game automatically.

The function points we have done are: Labeling and markers, hyperlink on image or textbox to videos, and switch between scenes.

Also, we are considering implementing the IPad input as the remote control for the teachers, it will make our program more user-friendly for teachers to use.

Below is the fraps video of the clock game.



This game is for kids from third grades to fifth grades to learn about elapsed time.

For the input, we also use Google doc as i mentioned above.

We have different mode for this game. The first mode, the program will just show a digital time, and let the kids put the clock hands to the right time. The second mode, we give two of the three options: start time, elapsed time, end time, and let them figure out the value of the missing one, and use the wand control the clock hand to input the right value.

Also, we have multiplayer mode. Teachers can use this mode for practice. We can separate the kids into three groups, and they can compete and cooperate with each other. This way, they are more motivated to get involve into the game.

what is more, we have storyline and animation in it, and we choose the space travel theme which all the kids love, to get their attention to the game.

Feedback video of the elapsed time game:


Reading game


This game is for first graders to learn how to build and read words.

We have two modes for this game. The first one is for the kids playing around with the letters and building words, and the teacher will be teaching and give kids the chance to try by themselves. The second one will be a game. Students get the basic rule of the game from the first mode, and then use the second mode to practice. We let the teachers give the example word, and give multiple words and let the kids to choose the words with the similar sound with the example word. Also, we will have story line and animation in this game to keep their interest.

This game is now in building stage, videos will come soon.

Presentation PDF for halves:

Kites Halves

Presentation PDF for quarters:

Kites Quarters

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