Kids Taught & Entertained using SMALLab

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Week 10 (3/18/2013 – 3/22/2013)

This week must have been one of the busiest week. On Monday, our team performed a half presentation successfully. Not having time to celebrate, we had to start right away to prepare for the PA Night event at the Elizabeth Forward Middle School on Friday. We created Interactive Pennsylvania map and also polished clock game as well to to demonstrate SMALLab during the event.

We visited EFSD SMALLab on Wednesday to test and showed our works to teachers to get feedbacks and also helped them get familiarized with it. We went couple hours earlier on Friday and prepared to make sure everything is working perfect.

Large number of guests including parents and kids visited SMALLab and play around with the products we made. Nothing else is more valuable than to watch our end users playing our game while being excited.

Week 11  (3/25/2013 – 3/29/2013)

Week of GDC! The whole team is visiting San Francisco to attend GDC 2013 to learn and network with Industry professionals.


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