Kids Taught & Entertained using SMALLab

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WEEK 3 (1/28/2013 – 2/3/2013)


This week we started building our Project website. Our project description and goals were uploaded along with the information about our team members.

We visited our clients again this week. We attended the reading classes, trying to understand the lesson from the point of the view of the children. We were able to understand about how teachers teach the different rules and norms for the different sounds that vowels produce. We also attended the ‘Elapsed time’ class, another target product of ours. We identified the areas in which kids face trouble.

Attending these two classes definitely helped us understand the areas we needed to concentrate and tailor our game design to benefit the kids better in a fun way.

We had a technical workshop regarding the calibration of the SMALLab platform. We also participated in the playtest of the ‘Pagoda’ for 3rd graders and got to witness how they enjoyed playing games in the SMALLAb platform.

We came back and started adding and implementing more features to the Tool and we brainstormed various ideas for the clock game. We nailed down the possible mechanics for the game and we also identified the important features and feedback that the game should have.

We made final decision on our logo, completed our first draft for our posters and half-sheets and submitted it for review in Shirley Yee’s portfolio workshop.

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