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WEEK 5 (2/11/2013 – 2/17/2013)


This week we spent a great deal of time in preparation for our quarter walkarounds. We were also updating our prototypes for the next client visit.

In the clock-game prototype, We started implementing the core mechanic of the game. We got the hands of the clock moving according to the position of the Wand. We also began researching on how to integrate the game with XML. This feature will make the game totally customizable for the teachers, by just entering necessary values.

We integrated our tool prototype with the SMALLab code and we were able to run it on the platform during the client visit. We also met with Elementary school Maths teachers to brainstorm more about theming of the clock-game. We wanted to identify the themes and stories that the children are most interested about, in-order to use them in our game.

Soon after the client visit, we started rehearsing for our quarter presentation. It was important that we presented our ideas and goals efficiently to get critical feedback from our faculty.

The quarter walkaround went really well. We got positive feedback from all of the faculty members.The faculty and guests gave us some interesting ideas and references for the Tool and Reading game.

Next week, we will hash out all the feedback we received and scope them in our schedule.

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