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WEEK 7 (2/25/2013 – 3/3/2013)


This week we continued our pace of rapid prototyping as we planned for a client visit and playtesting this Thursday. We made a huge push with respect to integrating more art assets into our prototypes.

As the teachers rightly suggested, we understood that ‘Space’ theme was very resonant among elementary students. So our artists worked on building assets related to space and uploading in our clock game. After creating the customizable document for the clock game, we worked on the scripts that would automatically import the document and integrate it as XML. Three different modes were built incorporating syllabus for students from 1st till 5th grades.

In the Tool prototype, after Markers, we started implementing ‘Hyperlink to another image’ feature. We also continued researching on embedding videos in the tools along with IPad integration.

We playtested both our prototypes with all the above mentioned features. We were able to identify some important bugs. We also got to demonstrate our progress in the clock game to the Maths teacher and get valuable feedback. It was great to hear from the teachers that we were indeed on the right track. Our clients also mentioned that they were facing some bugs with ‘Order of Operations’, the game made by our predecessor project ‘Brainstem’. We are looking into it and trying to debug the errors.

For next week, we are planning to complete the current features in both prototypes and polish them well enough to have a playtest with children. We are planning to implement features likes XML integration for the tool and multiple-modes for the clock game. Our next plan of action will be to implement a multiplayer-mode in the clock game.

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