The team started the week with writing the storyline. We took faculty’s advice of writing for story first and then adapt the story to Alexa format. We had our first playable build up until Story Act 1 on Friday.

The following is the latest one-pager we have. We want to be flexible and open to changes based on actual implementation. That being said, we might add or remove some NPCs but the story structure will stay the same.

What’s the experience?

In this 25-minute four-part interactive story, the player is a traveler who helps a cursed desert town to remove the stench curse by making meaningful choices and solving puzzles using voice only.

Experience Roadmap

Act 1: The thirsty traveler arrives at a desert town, and learns about the stench curse from a shopkeeper. Player agrees to help because of Mayor’s treasure reward.
Location: Desert Town, General Store
List of NPCs: Shopkeeper, Little boy(Shopkeeper’s son), Mrs. Chilirosa
Puzzles: To be designed

Act 2: Traveler travels across the desert, and encounters a seed businessman, who constantly tries to sell seeds to the player. Player finally arrives at the oasis where Citrine is. 
Location: Desert between the desert town and the oasis
List of NPCs: Seed businessman
Puzzles: To be designed

Act 3: Traveler finds out that the spell caster, a botany enthusiast, lives in the oasis where Citrine is. Spellcaster confessed the reason behind the curse: the spell caster was laughed at for his odor in the town. Sad and angry, the spell caster decided to put a spell on people and left the town.
Location: Traveling from the desert town to the oasis
List of NPCs: Spellcaster
Puzzles: To be designed

Act 4: Traveler persuades the spell caster to come back to the town with him. Traveler also brought back the Citrine. Town people eventually forgive and accept the spell caster, and the traveler gets the treasure as promised. End.
Location: Desert town
List of NPCs: Spellcaster, Town people
Puzzles: To be designed

Questions to be Answered

How many endings are there?

What’s the win and lose condition?

How long exactly will the experience be?

What can you do in this game? e.g. use

What exactly are the puzzles in this game? And how many of them?

These are the questions we will tackle next week!

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