Our Team

We have one producer, one artist & designer, and two programmers


Chang Liu is a programmer specializing in games and AR/VR. Right now he is a second-year graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center (ETC). He earned his Bachelor’s Degree at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), majoring in Digital Media Technology.

Artist & Designer

Zhaoyi (Ashley) Liang is a multidisciplinary designer, creative technologist and maker who currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is currently pursuing her master‘s degree in the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), Carnegie Mellon University. Her interests lie at the intersection of technology and art – hoping to design and create interactive, immersive and meaningful experiences and products for people.


Passionate about games, experienced in game programming, and having a basic knowledge of art, sound and game design, Rongjia is focusing on implementing effective programming skills on game development and seeking to leverage his skills at a game company.


I am a front-end developer and creative programmer who explores the space between art, design, and humans. I am passionate about learning and exploring how to fill this space through interactive technology.Currently, I am a graduate student studying entertainment technology at Carnegie Mellon University. I have extensive internship and project experience in web development, computer graphics, shader programming, and human-computer interaction.

Our Client

who will be hosting a healthcare themed conference called “Liftoff PGH 2020” this September


We have two faculty instructors from CMU ETC

Shirley Saldamarco is an entrepreneur, a producer and an educator. She has a background in theatre from Carnegie Mellon School of Drama and Producer for national programming at WQED-TV. As President of Interactive Media Productions, the company she founded in 1982, she produces a variety of Broadcast and Non-broadcast programs.

John is a creative director, programmer, writer, entrepreneur, musician, performer, and digital/fine artist. He is currently special faculty at the ETC, Carnegie Mellon University teaching Visual Story/Communication, VR Story and Sound, Location-Based Entertainment, UI/UX Design, digital art and design. 

Want to see our progress? 

Time goes so fast, I can’t believe this is the last week already. In the final week, all ETC teams are required to do a 15-min presentation to the faculties, showing their project and answer questions. We usually do this in the RPIS at ETC building, […]
This is our Demo! This is our trailer!
This week, we worked on preparing the documentation for our final handoff. Because we have another team after us that will continue working on this project, it’s important for us to produce very detailed documentation so that the next team can easily pick up the tech, […]