Welcome to Mad-Dash!


MadDash! is an iPhone application designed for parents and pre-schooled aged children that focuses on imaginative free play, creativity, and an appreciation for physical activity in the great outdoors. Loosely based off of the familiar game MadLibs, where players fill in missing blanks with words to create a silly story, children will instead fill in the blanks of a story with pictures of themselves, becoming part of the story. Throughout the game, parents will use the iPhone to take pictures of the child doing different activities, and at the end they can enjoy the narrative together.


MadDash! stems from research done by our clients, the Fred Rogers Center, about how physical activity contributes to overall child health and how we can use media to foster active play. The application also strives to encourage parent/child interaction, pre-literacy, children’s media creation, and an appreciation of nature. Technology is growing fast, and mobile phones have quickly become a part of everyday life. With our clients, we want to use this technology to create ways for children to move away from more sedentary, passive activities and instead become engaged–in a healthy, fun, and active way–with the world and people around them.