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Project MemoiAR

Project memoiAR is a five-person team of artists, programmers, and designers from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC). We are working together to implement Augmented Reality (AR) into a tabletop role-playing experience in pursuit of narrative innovation. We are building this experience for the Snap Creative Challenge, in collaboration with Dr. Jessica Hammer and Erica Cruz of OH!Lab. 

As a team we are experimenting with how AR can improve narrative and transformational experiences while connecting players with one another and reducing the cognitive cost of play. We will create a polished demo that will be showcased at the 2020 ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences in Barcelona, Spain.


  • Week 15 – Final Touches and Passing it off
    Hello everyone and checking in for the last time! πŸ™‚ This week we focused on -1) Packaging our build and documentation for Jess -2) Preparing for finals presentations This week our team… Derek – Finishing the design documentation Sally – Editing footage and preparing for finals Ryan – Inputting theRead more
  • memoiAR Post Mortem
    Introduction Rosenstrasse: We Choose Each Other (WCEO) is a location-based, multiplayer roleplaying AR experience created by ETC project team MemoiAR under the direction of Jessica Hammer in the Spring of 2020. Based on Jessica Hammer’s board game Rosenstrasse: We Choose Each Other explores the future of storytelling in AR forRead more
  • Week 14 – Softs and Wrapping Up
    This week we focused on -1) Soft Opening -2) Finishing up the build and documentation -3) Casting Actors to record dialogue This week our team… Derek – Preparing the Game Design Document and getting in touch with the drama school Sally – Editing the trailer and archiving all our documentsRead more
  • Week 13 – Beginning Chapter 3 and Chapter 2 Refinement
    This week we focused on -1) Production of Chapter 3 -2) Refining Chapter 2 -3) First Pass on Audio This week our team worked on… Derek – Reiteration of Chapter 3, Sound collection, and Softs Preparation Sally – Created assets for Chapter 3 and Softs Video Preparation Ryan – ChapterRead more
  • Week 12 – Chapter 2 Iterations and Playtest Day Results
    Happy Spring! This week we focused on -1) Playtest Day feedback -2) Chapter 2 Iterations This week our team… Derek – Reiteration of Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 and Playtest Day feedback Sally – Created assets for Chapter 2 and Transition Iteration and Playtest Day feedback Ryan – Proof ofRead more
  • Playtest day Videos and Feedback Forms
    Welcome to the Playtest Day website for We Choose Each Other (WCEO)! We’re making an augmented reality experience based on Rosenstrasse, the historical role-playing game about the Rosenstrasse Protests. On this page you’ll find videos demonstrating our experience so far as well as links to forms to leave feedback forRead more
  • Week 11 – Chapter 3 Design and Play Test Day
    This week we focused on -1) Designing Chapter 3 and client feedback -2) Preparations for Playtest Day As we are slowly wrapping up completion of Chapter 2, we started the pre-production phase on Chapter 3 in order to stay on track and have all chapter implementations completed for Softs. ThatRead more
  • Week 10 – Chapter 2, Play Testing and Design Changes
    Hello hope everyone is doing well out there in the world! Moving forward this week we are -1) Continuing design on Chapter 2 -2) Testing remote play testing within our team to gauge how we can enable play testing with others outside the group Previously Jessica Hammer suggested we makeRead more
  • Week 09 – Remote Setup and Project Goal Changes
    We just came back from Spring Break and we are just getting used to our new set up now that we are continuing with the project and working remotely. We don’t have a lot to update this week except getting used to the new workflow that we assembled, getting ourRead more
  • Week 08 – Halves and New Demo Space
    The biggest challenges for this week were -1) Final preparations and rehearsals for Halves -2) Getting our new demo space ready We successfully presented our halves presentation to get faculty up to speed on the progress of our project. We got a lot of feedback about what we can doRead more
  • Week 07 – Chapter One and Halves Preparation
    The biggest challenges this week were -1) Finalizing Chapter One -2) Complete the on-boarding for chapter one -3) Preparing for Halves presentation Halves presentations are coming up and we are starting to finalize the chapter one prototype as we’re shifting gears for production soon. We also recently learned that GDCRead more
  • Week 06 – Chapter One Revision
    The two biggest challenges this week was to -1) Revise the current Chapter One build and add character introductions. -2) Construct an outline script for the other chapters. We received a lot of feedback from both our clients, advisers, and other faculty therefore while we can’t implement all their inputsRead more
  • Week 05 – Sprint towards the First Chapter
    For Week 5, our biggest goal was creating the first chapter that includes both game logic and art assets implemented in the game that we can fully show off to our client, Jessica Hammer. Deliver the first production sprint to showcase a interaction between the two characters, Max and AnnalieseRead more
  • Week 04 – Quarters and 1 Prototype
    The two biggest goals for Week 4 were to  -1) Communicate the design space and progress of the team during Quarter walk arounds  -2) Create initial designs to separate between Prototype 1 or 2 in order to choose which of the two to proceed forward with.  Unfortunately, preparations for theRead more
  • Week 03 – Prototype Iterations
    This week our biggest goals were.. -1) Play test Rosenstrasse -2) Brainstorm ideas after play testing and pitch those to Jessica Hammer To begin the week, on Monday we planned a much needed play through of Rosenstrasse, the game which we have officially decided to incorporate AR with. We originallyRead more
  • Week 02 – Rosenstrasse Research and 5 Prototype Ideas
    Lessons: -Start playtesting and doing sprints as soon as possible  -Know your audience. Knowing your audience can answer design questions before you learn the hard way through playtests.  Department actions:  -UI/UX: Minz completed our first pass logo, posters, half-sheets, and website.  -Game Design: Derek researched recommended games/theater pieces  -Engineering: RyanRead more
  • Week 01 – Project Starts
    Project memoiAR We are memoiAR, a five person team developing a AR innovative narrative to enhance live action experiences. This project is sponsored by Dr. Jessica Hammer. Production This week we got all our housekeeping out of the way, setting up our computers and starting to decorate our project rooms.Read more

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