Week 12 – Chapter 2 Iterations and Playtest Day Results

Happy Spring! This week we focused on

-1) Playtest Day feedback

-2) Chapter 2 Iterations

This week our team…

Derek – Reiteration of Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 and Playtest Day feedback

Sally – Created assets for Chapter 2 and Transition Iteration and Playtest Day feedback

Ryan – Proof of Concept for Chapter 3 and Chapter 2 iteration

Minz – Flow chart for Chapter 3 and UI iteration

Chelsea – Reiterating 3D assets for Chapter 2

Client and Faculty Meetings

As we are getting closer to the end of the semester and Soft Openings, we decided to make some changes to our schedule based on feedback from both our client and faculty advisors. We had also received feedback from the faculty, students, and alumni during Play Test day and this also reinforced the decision to focus our energy on finishing Chapter 2 and redesigning Chapter 3 on those iterations to make for a better design.

We showed our client, Jessica Hammer our design for Chapter 3 last week and she gave us ideas on what mechanics we could try implementing for the story.

Chapter 3 Game Mechanics

-) Voice Recognition

-) Handwriting Mechanic

Based on her approval, Ryan went ahead and tested out those mechanics to see if they were plausible for our group to implement. He tested them and was able to show a proof of concept to the rest of the team.

On Tuesday, we met with out Faculty advisors, Heather and Tom to show them our progress on our new mechanics and design for Chapter 3. They expressed some concerns that the mechanics would make for some “inelegant design” about implementing a new mechanic so late into the story, therefore we quickly emailed Jessica about the matter and she decided that we shift our focus on reiterating Chapter 2 and introduce the mechanic earlier in the story. So we decided that we will try and quickly wrap up completion of Chapter 2 and start Chapter 3 next week.

Playtest Day Feedback

Derek and I went over the feedback we received from Play Test day and we received results that were mainly positive. The most pressing issue was polishing the video more so that people watching can understand the experience even more in depth without confusion and adding more story context in the game.


-) Most people were immersed in the experience

-) Understood what was happening in the videos

-) Felt comfortable playing the game after watching the videos


-) Videos need to show more context and information

-) Introduce Rosenstrasse for those who are unfamiliar

-) Introduce the Characters more clearly

We also received feedback from some faculty that wanted to talk more with us about the experience and we’re planning on reaching out to more faculty that were not as immersed in the experience.

Next week we plan on reiterating as much as possible to prepare for Softs so we can polish and finalize the full experience.

See you next week!