Week 13 – Beginning Chapter 3 and Chapter 2 Refinement

This week we focused on

-1) Production of Chapter 3

-2) Refining Chapter 2

-3) First Pass on Audio

This week our team worked on…

Derek – Reiteration of Chapter 3, Sound collection, and Softs Preparation

Sally – Created assets for Chapter 3 and Softs Video Preparation

Ryan – Chapter 2 Update and Chapter 3 Skeleton

Minz – UI iteration and sound collection

Chelsea – Chapter 2 & 3 asset creation

Client and Faculty Meetings

This week we began preparations for soft opening and met with various faculty to get more specific feedback. We got a lot of useful critique and although we can’t address all of them we decided to zero in on the changes that we can fix more quickly and will make the most significant impact with the time that we have left.

We also met with Jessica to get her opinion on which parts of the experience she wanted us to complete for the final deliverable as well as give us more feedback on our latest build. We also brought up the concerns from other play tests and she agreed that we should prioritize revising based on time constraints. Therefore we decided to rewrite some of the text in the dialogue box and improve the audio, two of the most common critiques we received from play tests.

Plans ahead for the final deliverable

-1) Complete Chapter 3

-2) Focus on improving the Audio

-3) Edit the dialogue and writing

Chapter 3 Updates

For Chapter 3, we were able to build out the skeleton this week with just the primitive logic and placeholder audio in. Previously, we introduced a new chanting mechanic and we were able to input that into the game. Minz was able to input a new UI design and audio to streamline the flow of dialogue without becoming overbearing to the user. Derek was able to recruit the help of a sound designer to aid in providing quality audio more fit with our story.

Chapter 3 Story Flow


-1) Annaliese makes tea

-2) She goes outside after hearing a crowd

-3) Prompted to chant “Give us our husbands back!”

-4) After chanting several times, audio gets louder and crowd joins in

-5) Door Cells Open

-6) Max and Annaliese are reunited


-1) Max enters Rosenstrasse

-2) Finds a scrap of paper

-3) Writes a letter to Annaliese

-4) Begins hearing chanting outside

-5) Door Cells Open

-6) Max and Annaliese are reunited

Before we want to show it off, we are planning to make some final adjustments to the audio to fit more in line with how we want the scene to play out, so we can record and edit the footage for more feedback.

As of right now, the final chapter is incomplete and we plan on being transparent about the current state of the build. However, we still want to use this opportunity to gain useful feedback as we plan on using the last few weeks of the semester to focus on finishing the arc and completing the narrative and tying everything together.