Week 2

Week 2

This week we had a design workshop which helped us articulate our project’s goal better.

We also had a more detailed discussion about our project’s goals, requirements and the technology’s limitations. We spoke about the different ways in which a user can provide the movement videos. We also discussed how we can handle the waiting time that is required when the ML algorithm is processing. We discussed why this is better than existing technology. What is the emotional motivation for someone to upload a video? Why should they take the effort to do so? What’s the pay off? We discussed this and many other important questions.

After this discussion we came up with a generic game loop that addresses these issues. We also came up with many game ideas around the same game loop. The idea was to justify the waiting time by saying that your character is “training”. This also answers the question of what the emotional motivation is for the user to upload the video. The players will be emotionally attached to their character, and training the character would make it better.

Ideas around training game loop´╗┐

Next week, we will present these ideas to our client and refine the ideas based on the feedback