Week 13

Week 13

This week we focused on improving the recreation of animations, improving the animation quality and adding moments in the experience to enhance the cinematic quality.

We met our client this week and showed our demo. We got positive feedback about our cinematic experience, and some suggestions to improve it. Here are the three main points we discussed:

  1. On the design end, our client asked us to focus on the prompts, which create motivation to record videos
  2. On the Focus on trying to achieve the largest possible range of motion
  3. Add more feedback to help the players
  4. Improve the recreation of animations

Next week, we have an open house (soft opening for our experience before the final release) in which guests from EA will visit our project space and test our experience. We are looking forward to test the experience with them.

Here’s the demo in its current state. This shows the kind of cinematic feel we are aiming for, although there is still room for polish (for example, we are currently violating some film making rules/best practices).

In the demo, the main character (brown cat) is chasing the enemy character (black cat). All the user animations are applied to the main character.

We have worked on improving the recreation of animations which we will showcase in next week’s blog post along with improvements in the cinematic feel of the playback.