Game 0: R-evolution

Platform: Unity
Development time: 1 week
Controls: The 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 number keys control each player, but since most keyboards don’t support pressing those five keys at once, Spacebar emulates pressing all of them at once.
Download: Here (32.3 MB)

R-evolution is a game made in 8 days for the December-January 5-Button Competition run by the Experimental Gameplay Project. The competition is geared towards making a game for a unique physical platform, the Unita Zero – basically, five pressure pads that act as buttons when stepped on.

R-evolution is a racing game for five players, with each player controlling an avatar on a specific slice of screen. As they step on their own pad, their avatar moves forward. Competition soon turns to cooperation however, when players collide with one another’s avatars, leading to higher levels of complexity.

“Very trippy transcendental cooperative/competitive racing game.” – Experimental Gameplay Project

Finalist for the Experimental Gameplay 5 Buttons Competition, and Third Place in the STATTMEDIA Game Competition!

Music by Adam Lederer.