Pixel Pushers is an educational game and modification project based out of Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center under the supervision of our client, MinecraftEdu. We are creating a toolset that allows teachers to create lessons in the popular indie game Minecraft, easily share those lessons with other educators, and allows them to effectively monitor and review their students’ progress. Further, we aim to explore what academic subjects best lend themselves to the game’s format through a series of proof-of-concept lessons. Finally, we want the student experience to be as safe and constructive as possible, whether sessions are being held in real classrooms or virtual youth centers.

The goal of the Pixel Pushers project is to make game-based learning through the MinecraftEdu software more accessible to students and educators alike. With the target student age ranging from K-12, and a target teacher audience spanning continents and countless disciplines, we aim to create a flexible application that enables educators to use the fun game environment of Minecraft to effectually complement their lesson plan.