Troubleshooting Tom


  1. Check that E-STOP is not depressed
  2. Restart computer
  3. Check that Power is being sent to the balcony (Electrical panel is on)
  4. Check all connections are secure in the balcony
  5. Run Calisthenics from Admin section of Touch screen interface

How to Operate Tom Foolery


  1. Turn on Touch Screen Monitor
    1. Power button is the first on the dongle (closest to cord)
  2. Turn on Tom Foolery
    1. Power button is in the upper right-hand corner of touch screen
    2. Will Turn Green when powered on
    3. Red is powered off
  3. Select which show content you want to run
  4. Compare show selections between operator and Narrator
  5. Make sure Green Room is either dark or Blackout curtain is drawn
  6. Turn on Red Light
  7. Pull back curtain at puppet theatre
  8. Perform Show
  9. Return Cue Cards & Script
  • Turn off Tom Foolery
  • Turn off Touch Screen Monitor
  • Pull curtain closed and return green room lighting to normal


Things to keep in Mind


  1. Timing is everything
    1. Operator interface has a 1.5 – 2 second lag after hitting next dialogue button (this is so Tom will “ease-in” to the next dialogue rather than snap)
    2. Operator should press the next button before the volunteer is finished speaking
    3. Narrator should be mindful to take their time saying the lines to give Tom time to finish his idle animation and return to his prone / home position
  2. Make sure everything is powered off before you leave Tom
    1. Keeping the touch screen and/or Tom on will decrease their lifespan significantly
  3. If Tom is not turning on:
    1. Check E-STOP (emergency Stop) Located to the left of the touch screen
    2. Turn Tom off – go to the main menu and turn him BACK ON again
    3. Leave him be and call for maintenance (Paul) to check Tom’s Electrical Panel
  4. If you do not see the interface for running Tom Foolery on the touch screen – restart the computer
    1. Access restart from the bottom left hand of the touch screen
  5. If Tom is having major malfunctions hit the E-STOP and notify someone immediately
  6. You can still run Father Time as normal without Tom Foolery via PLC