Replacing Servo Video

Before you begin:

  1. Take out the servo
  2. Note down the ID on the failed Dynamixel.           

Programming a servo:

Before we can replace the dynamixel servo on Tom, we will need to program the new servo.

  1. You will need the Roboplus software. You can find the software here:
  2. You will also need U2D2. You can order one here:


  1. Connect the U2D2 to the PC through a micro USB cable.
  2. Take a 4 wire pin connector and connect one end to the U2D2 and other to the new Dynamixel.
  3. Connect the Dynamixel Power Supply(also provided) to one end of the Dynamixel through the connector.
  4. Start the Roboplus software on the Computer and click on Expert.
  5. Click on Dynamixel Wizard.
  6. Click on Open Port button.
  7. Click on Start searching.
  8. If the Dynamixel doesn’t appear on the left pane of the window, change the COM port and search again.
  9. You should get all the attached Dynamixels on the left pane of the window. Click on ID:00[number].
  10. We need to modify only the following three properties:
    1. ID
    2. CW Angle Limit
    3. CCW Angle Limit.
  12. Double check that the Mode in [3: ID] field is set to Joint. It should be Joint by default.
  13. Now, once you have the Dynamixel info, change the ID to that of the damaged Dynamixel.
  14. Similarly, change the CW Angle and CCW Angle limits based on their ID
  15. Click on Apply.
  16. Remove the stickers from the old one and paste it on the new one at the same place. Make sure that the new one has the same ID.
  17. Click on Close port and close the Wizard.
  18. Congratulations. You have successfully configured the servo.
ID CW Angle CCW Angle Function
1 1650 2047 Mouth
2 1750 2950 Head Tilt
3 1250 2600 Head Turn



You can find the video tutorial here :