For week 15 we began by doing the motion tests for Tom for figuring and estimating the speeds, velocity and the acceleration for the head tilt, turn and mouth functions.Please find the video for the motion tests for the 3 functions for Tom and also the data that we collected through these tests. It also contains a sample animation in the end which was modified from the previous one and we figured it is slow as we were working with values that make the movements slow to avoid any negative impact on Tom

This helped us in collecting data and modifying the animations to ensure that the animations are within the minimum limits and nothing is being done for the functions which will have a negative impact on Tom.

We worked on getting new power supply for the ultra motion motors since the previous one malfunctioned.  We also worked on setting up a temporary solution for the power supply for the motors so that we can figure the minimum and maximum values for the torso bend and scepter move functions.

We also worked on developing a plan for testing electrical and also on planning how to prepare for a install over the summer or the possibility of handing it off to another team to iterate on the story content and test Tom.

We also started working on our final presentations as for next week we have our finals coming up. Also on Friday we have our open house where our client from Give kids the world will be visiting us. Our plan is then to modify the animations and then test them on the rig and showcase it on the open house to our client.





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