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Mixthesia is an exploratory project focused on discovering intuitive interactions in VR that introduce novice musicians to sound mixing tools and concepts. Sound mixing is an arcane craft performed in closed-off rooms for extended periods of time through a complex interface. By prototyping different visualizations and interactions, the project aims to demystify the craft of sound mixing by avoiding the complex traditional interface.

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Latest Dev Blog

Week 14 – Outreach

This week was the beginning of our wrap up for the semester. Development on prototypes is officially over, and our focus has completely shifted to…

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Week 13 – A Brief Respite

Week 13 was a quick but busy week for the team. This was the week of Thanksgiving break, so we all took some well-deserved breaks…

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Week 12 – A Brighter Tomorrow

Design & Art On the Design side of development, our main focus this week was preparing documentation to send out to audio developer forums. Since…

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