Hi! This is Na-yeon, used to be storyboard artist and now became animator somehow, going to talk about shooting for our project.

After Halves presentation and playtest, we finalized all three scenarios and scripts and moved on to actual shooting process.

Rony the producer have reached to talents and film crews and made confirmed shooting schedule, and we could shoot first scenario last weekend.

We planed shooting taking long time to make everything clear.

Here are some rules we need to keep for shooting.

  1. Make  a POV version
  2. Make a cut version
  3. End POV with a shot of all three/all participants (space for thought bubbles)
  4. Give them a pensive moment
  5. Tell the actors they need to look at the camera

First things first, we made shot lists and storyboard. Since we have some rules-P.O.V experience, story branch cut- to keep during whole shooting, it was important to make detailed shots list.

This is the part of shot lists and storyboard. You can see detailed actions and timing for both camera man and actors.

Now it’s time to shoot!!!


We managed to shoot first scenario successfully and make the demo with rough cuts.


We are going to shoot second and third scenarios next week.

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